Gratitude for Dream Germination

On Monday, March 9th, 2015 I put on a show. My first ever sit-down show. And it went swimmingly! I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to play with some of my favourite musicians: Marisha Devoin on basses and voclas, Leah Hokanson on vocals and piano, Chad Geekie on piano and Fender Rhodes, Duncan Symonds on guitar and Hans Verhoeven on drums and percussion. These people approach music from an emotional level first, then execute such a musical approach to the pieces. Just so pleasing. I couldn't be more pleased!

I should back up a little. As per my previous blog post from September 2014, I found myself with a change of plans for the 2014/15 year. I had intended on going back to school to take visual arts. That didn't happen, unfortunately, due to the amazing appendix-exploding issue. Optimizing my health has been a top priority and, since December 2014, I've nearly eliminated sugar, dairy and wheat from my diet. I know! No sugar? That's right! Now I'm one of those people. ;)

It's been a fun and interesting ride! Challenging to prioritize a creative practice. It comes in fits and starts. When it flows, LOOK OUT. I gotta do it. Art stuff pours outta me and songs move through like lightning. Then the mundane every day life things take the top of the list. It's a constant push and pull. Balance would be nice, still working on that piece. Who isn't?

During one particularly desperate-feeling evening when my parenting duties had taken the entire day, I stayed up way too late. Playing banjo in bed. That's right. Penny was away at meetings and I was holding the fort. Hey, a gal's gotta get her banjo playing in, right? I was struck by the sadness of my art-school dreams thwarted. So, as any forward-thinking woman will do, I started planning a show! I was thrilled that my proposal for the Lulu Turns 10! season was accepted! I put a list of fave musos together and they all said yes. This fact alone was enough to leave me satiated. Then, I put a list of some fave songs together and immediately felt new music starting to flow through me. Didn't get to sleep until about 3am. Thank goodness my other muso friends (aka Marisha) are night owls as well.

Fast forward to March and this dream came true. Not only has it come true, it's germinated other dreams. I plan on doing a recording of some original material. The challenge here will be funding such a project. Lots of ideas! If you have any ideas, let me know. Inner critics are having a field day with this one. But I am feeling bolstered by the incredible support of my community, my friends, fellow musicians and family. Still feeling satiated yet excited to see what underlying realities will take shape!

With much gratitude.

The amazing audience at the Phoenix Room, Gabriola Island. March 9, 2015