News as the Seasons Change

What an incredible summer! So much has happened, life has been so rich and there is so much to be grateful for. Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed so far to my PledgeMusic campaign. We launched in early summer and made it to 100% with four days left in the campaign! What an amazing process. It's not over yet, as people can still make pre-orders until my album “Quickening” is released in January of 2016. Every little bit helps and please feel free to spread the word!

Spring and summer of 2015 will always be remembered by me as one of the most creatively rewarding and inspiring times of my life. Writing new material, revisiting past material, engaging with amazing musical friends, travel, ocean swimming and recording my first album! The songs are sounding incredible and I couldn't be more happy with the result. Plus, the process is really rewarding and invigorating. Not finished yet, getting closer!

As I passed the anniversary of last year's health issues, I took some time to reflect upon what a gift this year has been. I was able to finally achieve some of my long-time health goals: I took sugar and wheat out of my diet and feel amazing. I actually lost about 25 lbs! This wasn't exactly the reason to change my diet but the payoff has been incredible and I've never felt better.

Fall and winter are on their way and with the changing seasons has come a shift in focus. The summer, with all it's mystical wanderings, long days and dreamy warmth is over. It's time to go inside (but not too much!), organize and clean out some clutter. And get stuff done! I've never felt more motivated. It's amazing! 

Plans for the release of “Quickening” are taking shape for January. I'm excited about where this project will continue to take me and I cannot wait to share these songs with the world! If you are interested in pre-ordering, please check out my PledgeMusic site for more info. Much gratitude!

Good luck, eternal happiness and love! And dizzy little stars.

Good luck, eternal happiness and love! And dizzy little stars.